The SkinEasi® range has been developed by Amaterasu Lifesciences as a part of their constant endeavour to create unique products that fulfil unmet consumer needs using differentiated technology platforms. SkinEasi® is a patented one-of-it’s-kind anti chafing product in India. It’s made keeping the hot and humid tropical Indian Conditions in mind.

SkinEasi® activ

SkinEasi® activ is a Patented second skin barrier technology keeps chafing at bay, the anti-chafing gel prevents skin irritation and rashes due to prolonged use of Face Mask and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). SkinEasi activ prevents and relieves pain and discomfort from Thigh burn, Blisters, Nipple bleeds, Groin rash, Underarm and Under Bra rash caused due to sporting activity

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SkinEasi® regina

SkinEasi® regina An anti-chafing solution developed exclusively for women, by women. One of it’s kind Patented second skin barrier technology that Forms an invisible, breathable, water repellent, non-staining & non greasy, silicone film (just like second skin) which offers Round the Clock Protection from rash, itch and soreness due to sweat and rubbing in intimate area.

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SkinEasi® comfoot

Patented second skin barrier technology for a confident stride! SkinEasi® comfoot is a unique solution developed by women who understand why you love your heels. It outpaces makeshift and messy solutions like band-aids, petroleum jelly and talcum powders.

Offering over 8 hours of protection, a pea sized dab of SkinEasi® comfoot on shoe-bite prone areas helps you walk confidently into a full work day. It’s unique patented formula instantly creates a breathable, non-greasy, water-repellent barrier – a ‘second skin’ that prevents shoe-bites as well as inhibits worsening into skin tearing and blisters. It does all this while also relieving your feet from existing tenderness and discomfort caused by sweaty feet and chafing – the rubbing of the skin against your footwear.

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