Amita Surana

Director - Product Development

Pharmacist, with more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on analytical development, quality control, quality assurance and project management. She has rich experience of leading large teams for a new product development methodology, characterization technique and delivering till manufacturing and commercialization using her in-depth regulatory understanding. 
Her work experience includes developing and scale-up of more than 90 products for regulated and semi or non-regulated markets, for various dosage forms with different levels of complexities. Extensive exposure in design, construction  and setting up of analytical and instrumentation labs including quality systems. Strength lies in Continuously analyzing and improve the Analytical Aspects of Process/Product through method enhancement/improvement.
She is adept at performing a technical assessment of innovative ideas, materials and testing methods by using statistical design of experiments combined with excellent data analysis skills.  Her role includes customer or supplier interaction on technical or project related, providing effective technical interface or liaison with partners to translate requirements into action and meaningful deliverable.