EPB Technology

Tailored to Deliver Excellence in Skincare

We apply our scientific expertise to deliver efficacious solutions to optimise consumer benefits. Our skincare technologies are designed to strengthen the skin barrier and provide healthy skin. We handcrafted a unique anti-friction barrier technology for skincare and called it Elastomer Potentiated Barrier (EPB) technology. Silicone elastomers and polysiloxanes are uniquely blended to form a thin barrier film on the skin that cuts friction by ~ 80% and provides day long protection to the skin. We call it SECOND SKIN.

The EPB or second skin technology is non medicated, non-allergenic with potential for application in moisturization, skin protection, scar treatment, wound care, anti-chaffing and prevention of bed sores. It can seamlessly integrate into different delivery formats and with various natural ingredients. EPB technology is protected by national and international patents.


Combating Malaria with Game Changing Technology Solution

A major challenge in treatment of malaria is patient noncompliance which is attributed as one major cause for incomplete cure and resistance. We have developed an innovative delivery system of Artemisinin based anti-malarial drugs. for treatment of Malaria by a single dose therapy. Currently the available injectable therapy comprises only artemisinin as mono-therapy and hence there is an unmet need for an injectable dosage form with combination ACT as recommended by WHO.

In collaboration with ICT, we have developed a unique single dose, bio-enhanced, in-situ gelling drug delivery system for intramuscular injection for treatment of malaria. The single dose injection will bring a radical shift in treatment of malaria from 6 days treatment to a single dose injection thus enabling:

  • 100 percent patient compliance
  • Significantly reduced side effects due to lowering of doses of active drugs
  • Reduction in potential of drug resistance to Artemisinin monotherapy by a combination therapy dosage form of ACT, that are mainstay of anti-malaria treatment
  • Prevent complications of malaria and stop progression of disease
  • Reduce disease burden
  • Reduce cost of overall treatment by obviating need for hospitalization
  • This technology is protected by national and international patents.